High-performance LED devices to clear acne in under 3 mins.

FDA Cleared.Clinically Proven.

Proven technology for clear skin without pesky ​side-effects​

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Reduce clogged pores and pimples​
Prevent scarring ​
Reduce inflammation​
Boost your glow without feeling oily​
Pocket Size

DemarkQ POW

$ 79 USD

The Tiny Zit Zapper

The POW is the smart precision treatment that quickly flattens the odd zit that pops up the day before an event. It's also great for zapping away any underground pimples before they surface. Blue light's antibacterial properties makes sure pimples become significantly smaller overnight and disappear faster. Red light's anti-inflammatory benefits that fast-track recovery and reduce inflammation, so your skin stays even, hydrated, and healthy.

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DemarkQ POP

$ 169 USD

The Handy Pimple Panel

Whether it's maskne or recurring pimples in your t-zone, cheeks, or shoulder, the smartphone-shaped POP is here to help. Designed for anyone who frequently breaks out in clusters in a particular area, the device is easy to maneuver and hold so you can treat your breakouts without discomfort.

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Most Powerful

DemarkQ WOW

$ 349 USD

Big Bright (B)Acne Buster

Have you tried cutting out dairy, experimenting with 23 exfoliating washes, and religiously washing your pillowcases but still breaking out? Powered with a whopping 224 medical-grade red and blue LEDs, WOW is a champion in keeping acne-prone skin under control.

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Effective & Fast treatment​

FDA cleared technology
designed by professionals. ​

All-in-one solution​

Blue and Red Light therapy
kills zits and recovers skin. ​

Easy to use ​

Suitable for all skin types, automatic
shut-off and audio feedback.

Approved by Leading Estheticians

"As an esthetician, I've seen hundreds of at-home acne treatments methods. DemarkQ has shown the most promising results for my clients, and I attribute that to its powerful technology that works simultaneously to improve skin health and appeareance. My clients love it!''

Claire, Esthetician
Amsterdam, NL


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I have used the POW device for 6 weeks now and I really love it. I have dry skin with redness and a lot of texture. After 6 weeks I have seen a big difference, my skin is more glowy, the redness is tamed down and I have less bumps on my face. Make-up also applies smoother now. Overall I’m very happy with this device!

Shannon Sewnundun

After three weeks I was already seeing better results in comparison to other products. And I’m barely getting any ace now after using it for six weeks!My skin is also a lot smoother and I have a lot less redness :) Such a confidence boost!! I would definitely recommend this product


"Used this product for a couple weeks and my skin shows so much improvement. My acne is almost completely gone! Such a nice product to use, im very happy. Would definitely recommend trying this product!"

Jo-Anne Bosk

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