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Help your bestie level up their skincare routine with the DemarkQ skincare device. This way, they are one step closer to getting a salon-quality treatment without ever stepping out the door. And the best part? The combination of blue and red light is proven to benefit almost all skin types and work with most skincare routines. So, it's an excellent fit for anyone. And finally, the BEST best part? You can sneak in a light therapy session yourself whenever you visit.

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How does light therapy clear my skin?​

We’re bringing this comprehensive,  professional-quality treatment home to you.

Blue Light (415nm) is clinically proven to

  • Kill acne-causing bacteria reducing painful pimples
  • Balance sebum production, preventing clogged pores and future pimples
  • Calm irritation decreasing side-effects like dry, peeling, sore skin.

Red Light (630nm) is clinically proven to

  • Stimulate collagen production speeding up your skin's recovery
  • Calm inflammation making sure you don't have long term scars
  • Reduces redness, evening out your skin.

What results can I expect?​

While most users will notice an immediate improvement in skin texture after the first treatment, DemarkQ devices are most effective when used consistently over time. The cumulative effect is prominent when you track your progress with before/after images. ​

​Please note: Results may vary but usually become noticeable after around two to six weeks of use.  

Our awesome reviews

*Results after just four weeks.​

93% of people

Reported their skin to be clearer, less oily, and more radiant after using the DemarkQ for 2 - 4 weeks.​

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