5 (unquestionably) awesome things about the Holidays even a pandemic can't ruin

5 (unquestionably) awesome things about the Holidays even a pandemic can't ruin

Christmas 2020 should be unusual, to say the least. Practicing social distancing during the season of togetherness is likely to pose some interesting challenges. Whether that be downsizing, a virtual Christmas dinner, or just chilling with the family with masks on, we can be sure there will be some changes. But it doesn't have to be all bad.

So, in the spirit of optimism, let's look into some of the best parts about the holiday season that even 2020 can't touch!

Grinch Christmas Meme Funny
How great was that movie, btw.

1. Family

Christmas has always been and will always be about family. And after 2020, we have had, would you want to celebrate it any other way? If anything, this year has reinforced to us how precious time with our family and community is.

A healthy, present family is a gift in itself, and remembering can put a smile on our faces.  We're sure this year's hugs (please do make sure you hug responsibly) will feel even warmer. The smiles even more significant and laughs even louder.

With the launch of DemarkQ this year, we have met new colleagues and made new relationships that we are very grateful for! Cheers to our Work Family!

2. Sugar overload

The holiday season is about togetherness.

And what brings people together? Food, of course! All of us have had at least one recipe that has been a Christmas staple in the family for as long as we can remember.

Whether that be homemade hot chocolate, gingerbread cookies, or a whole Christmas ham, Christmas food has to be one of the best things out there. And this can be the year we finally have time to perfect those traditional dishes and share them with our loved ones until we're so full we can't even lift our fingers.

3. Gratitude for the last year of our lives

Whether it be the uncertainty or isolation, 2020 has been difficult for all of us. As we learn to embrace our reality, a little gratitude might be the thing to turn that frown upside-down. Remind your loved ones how much you care about them by gifting them something that will make it easier for them to take care of themselves.

This could include self-care treats like an at-home spa day (read about it here) or just a simple way to treat themselves every day. LED acne light therapy like DemarkQ devices might be just what you need. 😊

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Truthfully, gratitude doesn't even have to come in the form of presents.

2020 has been financially straining on many of us, but that should not stop us from expressing our love and how you feel about people around us. Help out at home, write thank you notes, or call and tell your friends THANK YOU!

4. Light, light everywhere

Decorating your home for Christmas is one of the most gratifying experiences out there. Press play on your holiday music, sprinkle mini marshmallows on your hot cocoa and start decorating.

Even on the gloomiest and coldest of winter days, Christmas decorations can bring a smile to your face. Perhaps it's how it creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere amidst dark days or just the fact that it transports us back to our childhoods. The feeling we get when looking at the lights flickering against the Christmas balls will always be the same.

Even in the toughest of times - it will still feel like Christmas.  

5. Kevin will be home alone, yet again

No matter how many times we have watched it, Home Alone is an international holiday staple.

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In fact, watching Christmas movies is akin to tradition worldwide. We may not know why watching an eight-year-old hilariously torment two burglars make this season complete, but it only does.  

The tear-jerking scenes where his mother tries to get back at him also reminds us of what is truly remarkable about this season: living, laughing, loving together. And Kevin is an inspiration for us at DemarkQ all year long. Just check out the pimple GIF that probably every soul understands and can relate to.

Having said that - let's not forget The Grinch, It's a Wonderful Life, the Holiday, and anything Netflix has to offer!

And what is the Holiday tradition that you cannot wait for?