Perfect at-home SPA session exists! Beauty and skin care hacks discovered during 2020

Perfect at-home SPA session exists! Beauty and skin care hacks discovered during 2020

We believe that there are very few things a good SPA session cannot fix. And if you've ever had one, you'll know this is true. Our credit card debt may not disappear, and our tone-deaf neighbour may never find his headphones. After the one-hour of pampering, the world seems to be a better place.

Although it is essential to be optimistic and grateful, one does not exaggerate when they say that 2020 has been a trash year so far.

2020 expectations vs reality funny memedog

We have been stuck in our homes for the majority of the year. And a good self-care session is a must for our well-being and the sanity of the people around us.

For one, taking control of your own time is empowering in itself. Add to that how good you feel after you're done, and you know precisely why an at-home spa session is long overdue.

So, here are a few of our favourite tips and tricks to make your home spa session extra special!

First thing first - change up your mindset about self-care

At first glance taking time out for self-care might appear vain. This perspective is a thing of the past. New times require new measures in lifting spirits.

If you are among the no-SPA-believers, that's also okay. Perhaps we can encourage you to sacrifice 10 minutes for yourself throughout the day. It will be an excellent start.

In fact, a lot of mundane tasks are self-care.

Cleaning your room is self-care. Lighting up a candle, doing laundry, or just taking a shower are great relaxing actions that will give you a similar sense of ZEN.

Did you know that breaks are essential for humankind to function?

Do not treat this me-time as if you were procrastinating. For many people, having a SPA day is one of the few things that make them feel like they have their act together. And for a good reason.

It's been consistently proven that continuous stress can lead to a lack of focus, energy, and creativity, at best. Long term stress can have way more severe health consequences.

By giving yourself a break, you're not only permitting yourself to recharge but also removing a factor that is counterproductive to getting things done.

Feed your belly, feed your soul

Start by taking your at-home SPA session to the next level with cucumber water and fruit platters.

As we have tested, the home SPA session is nothing without fancy refreshments, aka cucumber-infused water and fruit platers. Eating heavy during your SPA session day can give you stomach issues and is the opposite of what we want to achieve. It has the potential to make you feel like what can only be described as blehhhhh.

One of the few upsides of 2020 is that it has given us some extra time to experiment in the kitchen. Or it left us without a choice – however, you prefer.

😉 This means all of us to have at least one healthy soup recipe in our pockets. If not, look it up. It's easy.

For your SPA day, prepare the recipes that will make you feel good (and not bloated). If you want to  share with your loved ones, let them know where they can find everything. But make sure to continue taking time for yourself. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy!

You have got to create the mood!

This is important. The mood transports you to the place you want to go - in this case, somewhere you can stretch your legs and relax.

Arrange your relaxation station. Research has shown that clutter and disorganization can overwhelm us to the point of losing our working memory. It has a cumulative effect on our brain and makes us feel even more stressed and anxious - the opposite of what we want.

If you're having difficulty getting to that place of relaxation, our senses can help us. Watching the fire flicker on candles or listening to something relaxing can transport you into the SPA mode. Believe us, the mind will follow. Commit to the SPA day with some candles, perhaps some fragrance, and your go-to Spotify playlist.

god relaxing spa session
SPA day goals.

Skin glow-up procedure

It's crazy how a good 20 mins of attention can do to your skin and your self-esteem.

Albeit it is challenging to mimic professional SPA treatments, there are several competent at-home skin care products and devices available that give you similar results at a fraction of the cost.

The key to good skin is consistency. We all know it by now. But overdoing it, excessive applications of the products, and mixing too many products might worsen the skin more than doing nothing at all.

Here's a simple routine you can do consistently without hurting your skin - five simple steps for minimum effort and maximum results!

5 steps skinc are routine for everyone
5 steps for glowing skin

When you are settled in your cozy home-SPA corner, start with thorough facial cleansing. Massage your skin with your hands or cleansing device to remove all the gunk and get the blood flowing.

After you wash off the cleanser and tap your skin dry, it's time for a real treat –anti-inflammatory and skin recovering LED light therapy.

LED light therapy is one of those multifunctional treatments is new retinol – minus the peeling and the pain, if you will. It helps treat acne and acne scars while remaining gentle and safe for at-home use.

Regardless, it's essential to keep in mind that clear, healthy skin needs consistent care. That's why we tend to think of my daily skincare ritual as a sort of mini-SPA day wrapped up in 10 mins. It gives me the reset I need every time.

Take care of your hair

A SPA day is a deep condition your hair day at our house, whether applying a reparative hair mask or homemade coconut and castor oil hair mask we just love.

conconut castor oil hair mask recipe
Nourishing homemade hair mask

Leave it on, maybe even blow dry it a little to activate the nourishing ingredients' penetration, throw in a hot towel if you feel extra fancy, and relax for 20minutes. Your shiny hair will thank you.

Don't forget the body.

Although working out is extremely beneficial in reducing stress levels, it is not what all of us like to do on our perfect SPA day. Dancing around in the living room can be just the right amount of movement to get the endorphins flowing.

Combine it with thorough body peel/scrub and rich moisturizer, and you are good as new!

perfect pink salt body scrub recipe
Favourite Himalayan Pink Salt body scrub

Were commend using pink Himalayan salt for better drainage and release of the body toxins. If you do not have it at home, swap it for regular sugar, and massage the paste into the dry skin. In the end, it is the massaging part that is the most boosting for the body.

Make it a ritual

While we may not need a SPA day every day, having it on your schedule as a ritual helps. It's like making a SPA appointment with yourself. And it enables you to stay balanced and focused in those challenging times.

Regardless, if you still cannot find time for a full-blown spa day, here are small things the demarkQ team does when feeling a bit overwhelmed.

1.      Milou: Light up candles because it helps establish good vibes at home and calms the senses

2.      Monika: quick 5 step skin care pick me up session with favorite face massager and LED home therapy

3.      Parikrama: skin care and peace-and-quiet-session hidden under demarkQ WOW

Parikrama chilling under WOW LED light therapy
Pari and her chill-session under demarkQ WOW.

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