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Reported their skin to be clearer, less oily, and more radiant after using the DemarkQ for 2 - 4 weeks.​

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"As an esthetician, I've seen hundreds of at-home acne treatments methods. DemarkQ has shown the most promising results for my clients, and I attribute that to its powerful technology that works simultaneously to improve skin health and appeareance. My clients love it!''

Claire, Esthetician
Amsterdam, NL


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I have used the POW device for 6 weeks now and I really love it. I have dry skin with redness and a lot of texture. After 6 weeks I have seen a big difference, my skin is more glowy, the redness is tamed down and I have less bumps on my face. Make-up also applies smoother now. Overall I’m very happy with this device!

Shannon Sewnundun

After three weeks I was already seeing better results in comparison to other products. And I’m barely getting any ace now after using it for six weeks!My skin is also a lot smoother and I have a lot less redness :) Such a confidence boost!! I would definitely recommend this product


"Used this product for a couple weeks and my skin shows so much improvement. My acne is almost completely gone! Such a nice product to use, im very happy. Would definitely recommend trying this product!"

Jo-Anne Bosk